Software Design

Software Design

With over 40 years designing and developing software, web and app solutions for a cross section of businesses worldwide. Proteus Business Solutions has the experience and knowledge to build the right solution for you. To achieve the right solution, it is crucial to have a good understanding of your business needs and requirements. We can advise you on the best solution and technologies to achieve your goals whilst also considering the future, a good solution must be able to move and grow with your business.

Bespoke software need not be expensive; many solutions pay for themselves over time and often with direct cost savings. Savings can easily be made in most solutions by improving efficiency and reducing waste. For example, a just in time sales and supplier ordering solution can pay for itself overnight in reduced stock holding alone. Automating client communication with e-mail or web solutions can save thousands of pounds in postage costs.


Integration with existing hardware and software systems is another key part to getting the right solution. Proteus has extensive experience integrating with many of the latest and legacy hardware, software and cloud systems. From simple integration to Sage or Xero Accounts to more complex Hardware and Web integrations.

Many of our software solutions use or integrate with innovative technologies and third-party bespoke hardware. Allowing us to maximize a solutions overall efficiency and benefit.

Often solutions are now multi-platform, Desktop, Web, Handheld or Mobile device. Proteus has the experience to work with all these platforms to delivery comprehensive solutions.

During the development cycle we work closely with our clients to ensure the solution is easy to use and understand. Whilst it is important for us to put together an initial specification, this specification is never built-in concrete. During the development process there will be many tweaks and enhancements that can only found once a system becomes a reality and is used in earnest. To that end we always allow for such changes to ensure the system is fine tuned to your specific requirements before the final sign off.