Broadband services


We resell fully managed broadband services including ADSL, VDSL (FFTC), SoGEA, Leased Fibre connections, Satellite and mobile 4G / 5G services.

Depending on your location there are several possible broadband services available today. Which vary greatly in performance and costs. Proteus will look at your needs and recommend the right solution for you, which may combine more than one technology if required. Our connections are competitively priced and full service is available from our support team not leaving you waiting hours on the phone to get help if needed. We provide a full service which if required includes the PSTN Line rental as part of the service.

If desired, we are happy to offer ONE BILL invoicing and payment via card or direct debit covering several connections to simplify your administration.

Single order Generic Ethernet Access

SoGEA services are the latest to be offered by BT.

Currently most users pay for PSTN Line Rental (for voice) and a Broadband service on top. SoGEA is a data ONLY service that combines the line rental and broadband service charge in a single connection. In general, an SoGEA service is cheaper than PSTN Line rental and Broadband. If you only need broadband, this is a better, cheaper service. If you need voice too then you will need to add a VoIP solution on top, although in general this is likely to be cheaper than your current PSTN Line + Broadband + Calls. Moving to SoGEA if available in your area is a good thing!


BT plans to switch off the old copper telephone infrastructure sometime in 2025. By then, every UK business and household will need to move to and internet-based solution for voice (VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol) and potentially upgrade older broadband connections.

Existing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) will be switched off in 2025, so you need to start considering making changes NOW, 2025 is not far away.

Why is BT switching off the old networks? Basically, it comes down to spare parts and old technology. BT no longer has the spare sparts to keep the old networks going. It is not a bad thing either, newer technologies will be costs down with better more capable services.