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Signature Panels

Electronic signature software and pads for the capture, binding, authentication, and verification of electronic signatures in digital documents.

Thousands of businesses across the world are saving time and money by replacing paper processes with electronic signature and document solutions. For unmatched versatility, security, and value, Proteus Business Solutions technology is the best choice for your business's eCommerce needs.

Signature pad products include passive pressure touchpads, rugged signing surfaces with electronic pens, interactive LCD displays included full-colour VGA display, integrated fingerprint sensors, wireless capability, full-size inking clipboards, small footprint and desktop units.

Across all industries, security has become a growing priority in recent years. Just as the computer age has forever changed the way we live, work and play, it also has created new vulnerabilities that criminals can use to turn our very identity to their own gain.

Many believe that Electronic Signature Capture (ESC) will ultimately be the "magic bullet" that ends identity-based fraud once and for all. By digitally capturing not just the signature but the act of signing itself, an Electronic signature capture-created e-signature raises the bar on those who would unlawfully assume our identity. And, by automating the authentication process to electronically compare a signature against all previous signings, ESC far exceeds the human eye in its ability to verify identity. An e-signature is legally binding and inseparable from its corresponding document; attempts to alter it in any way render the e-document invalid.

Security capabilities of ESC range from simple to elaborate. ESC can be used for unattended access control to private areas such as Office blocks, apartment buildings, country club facilities and health clubs, providing management with an accurate record of who entered and left when. Where identify authentication is essential, such as military bases, scientific facilities, government installations and prisons, additional biometric information such as fingerprints, hand/face geometry or iris scans can be added for positive verification.

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