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Many of our solutions now use contactless technology of one sort or another or RFID. If you are interested using in RFID technology but are not sure how to best utilize it to improve inventory accuracy or track assets or even if it is technically feasible for your organization, the RFID consulting experts at Proteus Business Solutions can help!

Proteus Business Solutions service aims to navigate clients through RFID technology illustrating the features and benefits of RFID implementations.

RFID offers the promise of hands-free tracking of inventory throughout the supply chain and near instantaneous stock level checking. Employees can clock or out using contactless technology with cards, key fobs or many other devices.

Whilst bar-coding has for many years been the standard for item tracking, RFID holds far more information does not require scanner use to retrieve information and is both faster and more accurate. Human errors are almost eliminated.

To find out how RFID technology can benefit your business, contact us.

radio-frequency identification