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Plastic Cards

The range of plastic card technologies changes and widens at an ever increasing pace as does the applications and efficiencies which comes from their use. Proteus Business Solutions can offer a full range of card types to suit your business requirement either as one offs or bulk printing from databases.

For those businesses which require to produce their own cards we supply, install and configure Evolis card printers recognised the most advanced of their kind. Thanks to their advanced and quality-focused printing engines (colour photo-grade printing), the Evolis card printers personalise identification badges on demand, singly or in bulk.

With Evolis Card Printers, you can create and personalise identification badges, secured access control badges, membership and loyalty cards, banking cards, transportation passes very simply very quickly and perfectly in tune with your business needs.

Plastic card applications

Identification badges

Identification badges/ID badges provide visual authentication of the holder via a picture or other personal data such as name, ID, barcode, or signature. It also acts as a corporate image vehicle, thanks to a high-quality finish.

Security and access control badges

An Access control card secures and prioritises access to a site or to a corporate LAN, thanks to visual identification and to encoded data related to the holder.

Transit passes

A transit badge is used as a pass for subscribers to a weekly, monthly, or annual transportation plan (plastic card), and also for one-time fares (disposable cardboard tickets)

Customer Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are used by retailers as promotional vehicles of their corporate image through printed logos and graphics. They are also used to track all purchases, thanks to a chip, a magnetic stripe or a bar code.

Bank and Payment cards

Banks and credit companies are increasingly moving toward instant and over-the-counter personalisation of banking cards (the holder's data is printed and the smart chip is encoded on the spot).

Governmental organisations & applications

National ID cards, resident permits, driver's licenses, health cards: these official documents require premium levels of security standards to fight forgeries, and need to resist to wear and tear as well.

To find out how plastic cards can benefit your business, contact us.

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