Proteus Business Solutions

Network & Administration

Proteus Business Solutions has years of experience designing, installing and supporting network installations.

Cabling & Network Infrastructure

Cabling solutions available to suit all budgets from low cost Cat 5 through to structured cabling for voice and data. Small office installations are usually simple but still need to be designed with performance and future requirements in mind. Larger installations need to be designed correctly to ensure correct load balancing and reliability and usually require a structured cabling solution.

Server / Cabling Racks are an ideal way of keeping your network equipment neat, tidy and accessible. Racks can be used to house Servers, Telecoms, Patch Panels & Cabling, Switches, UPS Battery Backup, Routers and Modems. Rack solutions start with small wall mounted units and go up to full height floor standing units.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is an excellent solution and is in use on many of today's devices, although it can be troublesome or present a security risk if not correctly configured. Wireless can be used for a variety of solutions from simple laptop access to point to point bridging between buildings. We can install and configure your equipment correctly ensuring smooth reliable connects whether using a single small office access point or configuring a managed wireless network deployed throughout your organisation.

Routers, Firewalls, Broadband & WANs

Routers are your gateway to the internet and also your first point of network security. Many routers also provide VPN services which allow secure remote access to your network from remote locations. Some routers offer fall back services with either ISDN or 3G mobile broadband. If the main ADSL service goes down, the router will automatically fall back to an alternative connection. Correct configuration of the Firewall and other router services is essential to ensure high security whilst allowing the required data services through. A badly configured router can lead to serious security breaches. If you need remote working we can provide a number of secure VPN solutions allowing staff in remote locations or on the road to access services quickly and easily.


Network security is of paramount importance and it is essential to have your systems secured from remote attacks by hackers, viruses or malware. Internal network security is just as important to protect you and your clients from accidental or malicious data leaks or losses.