Proteus Business Solutions

Digital Imaging

Proteus Business Solutions has a skilled team in Graphic Design and image manipulation. These services are now used across our business for Web Design, Software Design, Digital Printing, Digital Artwork and Templates.

Using Apple hardware and the latest image and graphic design software we can meet all of your digital imaging and artwork requirements.

We have large format printing capabilities and can produce posters, banners, Canvas's and high quality photo reproduction.

Canvas and Photo Printing

Combine the world of digital image manipulation, large format printing and modern framing designs and you have a range of endless picture possibilities.

Supply us your images on virtually any digital media including e-mails, USB memory sticks, camera memory sticks, CDs and DVDs. We can also scan images from original photographs and negatives. Almost anything will do!

Our graphic design artists can adjust, fix and repair pictures before printing on high quality media in various finishes including satin canvas, matt canvas, high gloss photo paper, semi-gloss photo paper, matt photo paper, water colour paper and others on request.

We can also apply various effects to your picture e.g. transform colour images to black and white or sepia, create montages from groups of photos or perhaps split a single image into several pictures. We can apply many creative effects, like making your picture appear like a jigsaw or a weaving. Just let us know what you have in mind and leave the rest to us.

Image restoration or adjustment is another of our specialities. We can bring old pictures back to life, repair damaged areas or correct poorly taken pictures so you don't have to have those memories spoilt by circumstances.

digital imaging