Proteus Business Solutions

Genesis Timekeeper

Genesis Timekeeper II is a fully featured time recording package for small to medium sized businesses. As a single user or multi-user system you have the tools to record and analyse how your time is spent.

Each employee has their own timesheet. The timesheet is where all the information from Job Timer and Call Timer is recorded. Entries may also be made directly onto the timesheet.

There are options to set up and manage clients and jobs as well as job categories e.g. administrative, chargeable etc.

There is a call timer which is a quick and easy tool for recording time spent on telephone calls and an optional extra module which enables you to monitor calls from a telephone using a Call Monitor Telephone System Interface.

Genesis Timekeeper II comes with a full reporting module which enables you to run and print reports including Work in Progress, Employee Performance Analysis, Billing Summaries and Call summaries.

Additional modules are also available, such as Time & Attendance (Time Clock), which utilises touchscreen and RFID technology.

Genesis Timekeeper